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Field Report: Dead Space 3 'Awakened' DLC

Field Report: Dead Space 3 'Awakened' DLC

Field Reports provide our first-hand experience with the latest games and expansion packs.

The dead don't stay dead in the Dead Space series. One of Dead Space 3's biggest problems was that its story stopped taking itself seriously in the last act and did double backflips over the pink megalodon in the room. Defying all logic, characters returned from the dead or survived impossible circumstances afforded by plot-holes big enough to pilot a deep-space mining frigate through. Before the final boss fight, supporting character and co-op buddy Sergeant John Carver unceremoniously exits stage-right to somewhere and isn't heard from again. Did he die? Who knows. The stinger at the end of the credits is a distress call from protagonist Isaac Clarke after he somehow survives floating in space with no helmet or air supply. That Awakened, the first downloadable add-on mission, is an epilogue to the main game's story only reinforces this disregard for plausibility. Narratively, it takes this deceit and runs.

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"Have to agree with this review. Completely enjoyed the crafting engine added to DS3, but not if ..."
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Field Report: Mass Effect 3 'Citadel' DLC

Field Report: Mass Effect 3 'Citadel' DLC

Field Reports provide our first-hand experience with the latest games and expansion packs.

The past year's been tumultuous for Commander Shepard and the crew of the SR2 Normandy. With this last Mass Effect 3 downloadable content pack, "Citadel," the current Mass Effect saga comes to a close, giving the heroes we've grown to love some much deserved rest and relaxation. Like the add-on missions before it, Citadel takes place an undefined time before the assault on The Illusive Man's base. The key difference between this mission and the preceding add-on packs is it doesn't feel at all like something left on the cutting room floor, it's miles above Mass Effect 2's lauded "Lair of the Shadow Broker" and every other piece of downloadable content released before it.

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"Personally my "head cannon" is that the events in this DLC are an epilogue that take place after ..."
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